Friday, September 18, 2009

The time has come...dun dun dun!

1. I wish I could just sit on the table and eat an apple, and be perfectly content and entertained to do so.
2. I don't let my kids eat a lot of sweets because I want them to take good care of their bodies but I sneak treats in my mouth behind their backs, MUAHAHA!!! (I'm old enough to decide for myself...LOL)
3. I, with Jason's help of course, converted Jasie's crib into the toddler bed. After about 1 hour of putting her back into her bed I turned the crib around so the open side faced the wall and gave up on that idea for now. Aa I still have 6 months minimum to reach that point.:)
4. My husband...nauseates me. I know that sounds bad but think of how I feel! He is an AWESOME guy and I can't stand to smell him or feel him or blah...hopefully morning sickness goes away sooner than later.
5. I'm sarcastic, no really I am!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Confessions of an exhausted mommy

1. I am confessing to be 11 weeks pregnant. I'm hoping for a boy. I spent the 4-8th weeks of this pregnancy bleeding and clotting and CRYING!!! After a blessing and a trip to the ultrasound room, lots of blood work and 3 trips to my OBG, everything was fine and I am feeling sick (good sign) NOT FUN! LOL
2. I attract lots of "mental" people, some I had to let go of, and others I can't live without. Seriously I have 4 very close relationships with people that are Bi-polar and I love them to death. I wish there was a way to help :(
3. I slouch, whew, glad I got that out there.
4. I'm really scared to gain all of my pregnancy weight. I just got rid of the last of my baby weight from Syd & Jasie. I just want to be like Whitney when I grow up ;)
5. We finally added another boy to our family. His name is Brewsky (manly name right?) he is a Border Colly CUTE! I mean STUDLY. ha ha ha

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Brandies birthday

I think 27 is close to 30 but I said that the other day and someone said, not even close...LOL I guess if I was scared of 30 then that would be true but I'm talking numbers and seriously I am close to 30...I can't believe it I still feel 18. And I remember thinking that 30 was really old...LOL now I think 75 is old ;) My birthday was filled with dreaded morning sickness, BLAH however I did get to read Twilight in my bed for a few hours and I got the Twilight soundtrack and new gummy ear plugs for my MP3 AND lets not leave out yummy homemade pancakes for breakfast from my hubby. Chelsie and Bailey (my brother) dressed up and did a little gig for me at dinner LOL and on Sat. My Stone parents took me and J to a Luau where I was tricked onto the stage and danced in front of everyone...AAAA embarrassing.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

1st day of school 2009 I cried at back to school night for Chelsie and clapped when I took Sydnie to pre-school...LOL Kids grow so fast!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We had 2 super fun camping trips in one month! The 1st we went up to somewhere (can't remember the name) with some family friends, it took 5 hours to get there because someone wouldn't call for directions until 10pm. I saw this happen on movies before but never thought it would happen in real life...JASON!!! We did have fun though despite peeing on the ground and getting rained on. Sami (Jason's sis came with us, her 1st time camping...what?!?!) sheltered girl, LOL
The second adventure was only an hour away to a family reunion. We played cards, Jason took the kids fishing, Chelsie and her cousins built a house where they cleaned the ground and made rooms with rugs and a kitchen and furniture, it was so cute and it had cold storage...yes I said cold storage. We had lots of good food and there was a lot of laughing. Brandie got to relax a lot because too much of anything could set off her oh so sensitive stomach right now. What does that mean you ask? Yes it means what you think, baby Hawkes #4 will arrive in Late March early April 2010...YEAH!!! We are praying for a BOY,and you should to! ;)