Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am: Having a really good day!
I think: I do?
I know: That My Redeemer Lives...
I want: something good to eat.
I dislike: loud neighbors
I miss: Terris Jean Kirkham
I fear:losing Jason
I feel: pretty, oh so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and wise...
I hear: Chelsie straightening the bed
I smell: Sydnie's sweat from her nap, shes on my lap (I know I know I'm a poet & didn't know it)
I crave: yummy food...MMMM
I cry: over spilled perfume
I usually: hide my true feelings
I search: ponder and pray
I wonder: why each little bird has a someone
I regret: lets just say I have a few...OK
I love: everyone
I care: about good manners
I always: tell the truth
I worry: A LOT!
I am not: famous
I remember: Grandma Pete...I miss her too
I believe: I can fly (clearly I want to sing right)
I dance: with my girls to kid songs
I sing: really well when I'm alone
I don't always: do whats right
I argue: over guest parking at my rental
I write: to do lists
I win: Tetris
I lose: control sometimes
I wish: I had a house
I listen: when I want to
I don't understand: why
I can usually be found: at home
I am scared: of offending others
I need: time, it's my love language
I forget: a lot more now that I have three little beauties to take care of
I am happy: to have an eternal family

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So last week we had family pictures done, and it was so fun! The photographers were so sweet, and very willing to work with the kids. We went to willow park and when we got there it was raining, I prayed for a break because I didn't want to have to try again another day and it let up for the rest of the evening. We stomped like yeti's to keep Sydnie entertained, and and we did a few kissing shots to keep Jason entertained. I love my family! LOL If you need pictures done, hear is the website for the fantastic photographer