Monday, March 23, 2009

Ok so I am totally hooked on coupons now...I can't believe how much I can save just by getting the paper and clipping coupons. I always thought "what a waste of time" or I really won't save enough for it to be worth my time. Well I was obviously naive! The pictures above will demonstrate the amount you can save, and how quickly you can build food storage.
8 boxes of frosted flakes
2 boxes of frosted mini wheats
4 -5 packs of fiber one bars
5 -3 packs of irish spring soap
5 packages of angel hair pasta
10- 8 packs of rice crispie treats
5 colgate expressions toothpaste
4 packs of wrigleys gum
5 -4 packs of dannon yogurt smoothies
4 aerosol cans of lysol disinfectant spray
2 tubes of neosporin
4 -45 count dixie plates
1 -25 count dixie bowls
5 bags of quaker rice cake snacks
AMOUNT SAVED = $133.29 WOW!!!

The next shopping spree was smaller but still amazing!
5 boxes of 26 count electrasol dishwasher tabs
2 -75 oz. bottles of electrasol dishwasher liquid
3 tubes of neopsporin
3 -35 count lysol disinfecting wipes
2 aerosol cans of glade air freshener (free by the way)
2 -2 packs of hot hot pockets
1 red baron pizza
Maybe you think I'm crazy but this actually works and all you have to do is buy the Sunday newspaper and clip the coupons. Its worth a try for anyone, especially during the economy crisis!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

8th anniversary celebration

Happy anniversary to us...March 15th. We celebrated by taking the kids for sleepovers with grandparents and aunt Whitney. Then we made our way to Ruby Tuesday where our server was the most amazing...Debi Hawkes, LOL we had so much fun and she took these pictures for us. Then to Sees candies for my fav treat...butterscotch squares. After that we headed to Wiseguys comedy club where we had a good laugh. And ended up at home alone, which was really weird I kept wanting to check the kids but nope they weren't there. It was a great night, one we will remember for a long time. It's great to date! LOL

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Usborne Books

We found this amazing book company! We are consultants and would love you to look at our website. Fantastic kids books and learning tools. Check it out here...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Interesting facts

In my new ward I was asked by the relief society to fill out an information sheet and return it. When I got to the question asking to tell something interesting about myself I couldn't think of anything good so I e-mailed Jason because he was at work and this was his response.

you gave birth to a child naturally and actually want to do it again
you have a huge family
you swallowed a fruit snack whole and survived to tell about it
you have an amazing ear for playing music without knowing how to officially read music
you know how to use American sign language
you were a mommy to over 40 rowdy college boys before the age of 26
you can almost do your splits perfectly
you have the most painful donkey kick in the world
you can automatically throw something and have it land in my eye whether i am wearing a helmet or securely hidden in a body bag

there are millions of things but i have to go now i will send you more later!!!! I love you profusely!

that is my word of the day PROFUSELY
HE CRACKS ME UP, AND THIS MADE ME FEEL LIKE I HAD SOMETHING INTERESTING TO SHARE. PS the only one I shared was the rowdy college dorm mom.