Friday, August 7, 2009

To whom I may confess...

1. I went potty in the woods...A LOT, then I buried it so nobody could see(we were camping)
2. My fav. part of my camping trip was watching everyone else catch fish and then watching them fillet the fish and then watching them cook the fish, but I got to eat it! YUM!!!
3. I would a thousand times rather ride on a wave runner than a four-wheeler, I am a water sports girl what can I say. (I like to feel the sun on my almost naked body)
4. I really love when every single thing I own is put its place facing forward, however, I can deal with the fact that few things will really be that way while I have children living at home.
5. Teaching primary is so AMAZING! I learn so much each week. I feel confident to admit that I am on an 8yr old gospel level. :)