Friday, August 29, 2008

Chelsie lost another tooth!

Chelsies tooth was so loose that I can't believe it didn't fall out on its own. Jason asked to yank it and surprisingly she said "ok" IT WAS THE MOST GROTESK SOUND I HAVE EVER HEARD. It was a loud pop, and she started screaming, I asked if it hurt and she replied no it just sounded gross. LOL She adorable, even with teeth missing!

Happy Birthday to Brandie...

The best birthday this side of the Missisipi!
I woke up to yummy french toast and a huge homemade birthday card with a page from each member of our family, then I opened a full sized volleyball set complete with a ball. Jason did all the girls hair, including mine...he did rather well. My dad came in the afternoon and surprised me with the best kitchen gadget ever, a stand mixer, YEAH!!!! Then Jason barbecued the best chicken ever at my Moms house and made me a homemade cake decorated with purple flowers and butterflies.We played volleyball, of course, for hours. It was a very special day one that I wish could have shared with everyone. I will remember it for a long time! I do have to say that I missed the annual tradition of girls night out in August. Love to my "girls"

Jasie is crawling!!

She is growing so fast, I just want her to stay little and snuggle me all the day. She is so much fun and her personality is perfect mix between her older sisters.