Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Develpoing Jasons talents :)

Jason Has always been a closet artist, not even his mom knows how good he is...he draws pictures on the mirrors with dry erase markers for the girls when he knows he'll be gone for a few days. He send letters to us in the mail with fun hand drawn pictures for us to color. He literally can draw anything he can see, and he can draw it perfectly in any size. This year our ward needed an artist to draw life size animals for the nativity at the ward party, so I signed him up!!! ;) Luckily he was game and his work turned out AMAZING! He drew on thin pieces of ply wood, then cut them out and painted the detail. He truly wowed our ward and his wife!!!

Ellie bean!

Jasie started calling her little sister Ellie bean and so it is, her nickname forever more. Ellie is SOO much fun, she is all smiles and the girls love taking turns holding, playing with, and feeding her. I can NEVER get enough snuggles from her, at least she like to snuggle to! She is very patient with her sisters thank HEAVEN!

Christmas time!!

So thanks for looking after this long even though we've been dormant :( I seriously haven't had time to update this blog unless I set my alarm and wake up in the middle of the night.
Here are the little cuties on Santas lap at the Stone family party. ENJOY. More to come!!!