Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday night confession.

1. Family is and always has been my TOP priority.
2. I held my brand new baby niece today 5lbs 15oz, and it made me overwhelmingly baby hungry...UH-OH!
3. I could care less if my name is spelled wrong but I need to make sure you know you spelled it wrong. LOL
4. A guy I dated in high school found me on face book and randomly said "remember when I fell in the sewer on our date? Well really I pooped my pants" WHAT?!?! Why did he need to tell me that? Was he feeling guilty for lying? WOW! (we only dated for a few weeks)
5. I want to eat a snack right now but it's 11pm, not a good idea Brandie go to bed!

Saturday, July 18, 2009


1. When my dog, Cocoa, chews things up that I like I sometimes hit her. You'd think I'd realize it doesn't work but it makes me feel better, I know its inhumane. I still love her.
2. I am very conservative when it comes to consumption...I turn the shower off in between washing my hair and what not. I bet it saves at least a gallon maybe more each time.
3. I resent having to make lunch, I can handle breakfast and like to create dinner, but lunch, I wish someone else would make it!
4. Almost every song I have ever heard reminds me of someone. If you are reading this then I bet I know a song that reminds me of you...that's right YOU!
5. I miss my bff Terris Jean Kirkham, I love that girl and can't wait to see her in Celestial glory.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ok lets just do a photo bucket this will be easier...

Lehi round-up week

At the carnival there was a petting zoo, Sydnie made it into a hugging zoo...she loves animals, not sure if they love her though, LOL

The round-up week is a tradition in my hometown for as long as I can remember, we always go to the horse parade, mini float parade and grand parade then we go to the carnival and of course the rodeos! This year we had my friends daughter with us for 9 days while she went to Hawaii (lucky girl) so she is the little blondie in all the pics her name is Kasia.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Syd received lots of fun gifts, including 8 pairs of shoes and this glitter ball which was given by her Daddy so of course it was her favorite.
The cake was a flower pot tipped to look like the dirt was falling was chocolate cake with caramel drizzled on it while it was hot to make it super moist and then chocolate frosting sprinkled with crushed oreos and gummy was fun to make and very DELICIOUS!

This month has been crazy!!! I will update on all of it but first and most importantly Sydnie turned 3!!! We had a party at our house and we were so grateful to have such great company and GREAT weather.