Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fun in the SUN!!!

Memorial day came and we thought a vacation was in order so we packed the mini van and headed South. We visited lots of GOOD friends, and of course Grandma Rich. We played at the Rain Tree swimming pool, the splash pad, had a picnic at Vernon Worthen park and had a few late nights catching up with everyone. The girls had a blast and never wanted to leave Grandmas house. Grandma was so cute, she had stocked up on bananas, PB&J fixins, and of course cookies :) We had TONS of fun!!! Saturday night we went to the cemetery and put flowers and flags on Grandpa Richs' grave. Grandma was so happy to do this with us. Sunday we visited whats left of our old family ward and caught up with a few friends from there. Maybe someday we'll end up back sure felt like going home.


Hight Family said...

I'm so glad we got together!! I love your family, we'll make plans for camping for sure!!!

Ryan and Shelia said...

What a blast it was to have you here. Thank you for helpimg me remember what it is to be a friend and keep those relationships (I still need lots of practice) Meg loved the time with Chelsea.

Judy said...

Hey Brandie the pictures are great and I'm glad you had such a good time in St. George. I know Mom totally enjoyed having you guys there. Love you all!